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The following is a brief list of schools who offer some training in legal psychology:

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln The Psychology and Law program at the University of Nebraska--Lincoln is unique in that it is one of the first official programs in psychology and the law, and it provides joint training in the Department of Psychology and in the College of Law. UNL offers several degrees, including an M.A. or Ph.D. in psychology, as well as a J.D. or an M.L.S. (Master's of Legal Studies). Students in the program attend classes in both psychology, as well as at the law school. Students are expected to also engage in active research in some area of psychology and the law.
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice The John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers doctoral degrees in both clinical forensic psychology and experimental forensic psychology. The experimental program emphasizes statistics and research design, while the clinical program focuses more on psychological issues specific to criminals (e.g., profiling, malingering, etc.). The experimental program features well-known faculty, such as Steven Penrod and Margaret Bull-Kovera, among others.
  • Florida International University
  • Drexel University / Villanova Law School Offers dual degrees in law and clinical forensics. It is of note that Penthouse (magazine) model Victoria Zdrok got her Ph.D. through the program.

Other graduate programs in legal psychology are listed on the website of the American Psychology-Law Society.