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The National Laboratory of Psychical Research was established in 1925 by Harry Price, at the location of 13 Roland Gardens, London, S.W.7. Their aim was 'to investigate in a dispassionate manner and by purely scientific means every phase of psychic or alleged psychic phenomena'.

The honorary president was The Lord Sand, K.C., LL.D., acting president was H. G. Bois, and the honorary director was Harry Price.


  • British Journal for Psychical Research, Bimonthly, discontinued in 1929
  • Proceedings of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, volume I, discontinued in 1929
  • Bulletins of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research:
    • I. Regurgitation and the Duncan Mediumship, by Harry Prince, 1932
    • II. Fraudulent Mediums, an essay by Prof. D. S. Fraser-Harris, repr. from Science Progress, January 1932
    • III. The Identification of the "Walter" Prints, by E. E. Dudley, 1933
    • IV. An Account of Some Further Experiments with Rudi Schneider, by Harry Prince, 1933
    • V. Rudi Schneider; the Vienna Experiments of Prof. Meyer and Prizibram, 1933

This organization is no longer in existence.

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