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Transitive inference is a form of inferential reasoning. For example, if you know that A > B and B > C and C > D and D > E, then you can conclude without being told than B > D. You can replace "greater than (>)" with any other (supposedly) transitive relation, such as "better than" or "darker-colored than".

There is a hypothesis that many animals do transitive inference (see "model animals", below).

Structures implicated in transitive inference[]

Computational models[]

Model animals[]

Transitive inference has been demonstrated in humans, birds (von Fersen et al '91), rats (Roberts and Phelps '94) (Davis '92) (Dusek and Eichenbaum '97), and monkeys (Rapp et al '96) (Boysen et al '93) (Gillian '81) (McGonigle and Chalmers, '77) (but see (VanElzakker et al '03) for some doubts that it was really demonstrated at all in some of these cases).

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