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I did not understand the citation of a work on modularization of the motor action (written) in this topic. Can anyone explain to me.

The quote is: Cardoso-Martins, C., Michalick, M. F., & Pollo, T. C. (2006). Modularity of Action Programs in Normal and Down Syndrome Individuals: Psicologia: Reflexao e Critica Vol 19(1) Jan-Apr 2006, 53-59.

Additionally, I have an article with that title in the same journal, only the pages are different. There would be a mistake?

The correct quote would be:

Gimenez, Roberto ; Manoel, Edison de Jesus ; Basso, Luciano . Modularidade de programas de ação em indivíduos normais e portadores da síndrome de Down. Psicologia. Reflexão e Crítica, Porto Alegre, RS, v. 19, p. 60-65, 2006.

Luciano Basso

Luciano Basso 19:46, August 21, 2010 (UTC)