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The Sydney Symposioum of Social Psychology (SSSP) is an annual meeting of leading international researchers in social psychology held each year in March In Sydney, hosted by the University of New South Wales. The symposium was initiated in 1999 by Joseph Paul Forgas, and he organised the Symposium every year since then with support from a number of different co-organisers. The aim of the Sydney Symposia is to provide new, integrative insights into key areas of contemporary research in social psychology. Each Symposium deals with an important current theme in social psychology, and the invited participants are leading researchers in the field from around the world. Each contribution is extensively discussed during the Symposium, and is subsequently thoroughly revised into book chapters that are published in the volumes in this series.[1]

The Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology book series published annually by Psychology Press, New York. So far 14 volumes have been published in the series. The books and contributors to each Symposium are listed below.

Symposiums and books Edit

  • 1st Sydney Symposium (1999) [2]
  • 2nd Sydney Symposium (1999)[3]
  • 3rd Sydney Symposium (2000)[4]
  • 4th Sydney Symposium (2001)[5]
  • 5th Sydney Symposium (2002)[6]
  • 6th Sydney Symposium (2003)[7]
  • 7th Sydney Symposium (2004)[8]
  • 8th Sydney Symposium (2005)[9]
  • 9th Sydney Symposium (2006)[10]
  • 10th Sydney Symposium (2007)[11]
  • 11th Sydney Symposium (2008)[12]
  • 12th Sydney Symposium (2009)[13]
  • 13th Sydney Symposium - 2010[14]
  • 14th Sydney Symposium (2011)[15]
  • 15th Sydney Symposion of Social Psychology (2012)
  • 16th Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology (12–14 March 2013)[16]

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