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It makes sense if all diagnosed conditions are written up in the same way. So please follow these guidelines, amending where appropiate. When editing Remove the square brackets where there is not enough information to make it worth going to another page.

If you do go to another page, make the link in this form. 2opening[brackets name of diagnosis:name of link| name of link 2closing]brakets. eg Social anxiety:Outcome studies| outcome studies with the brackets reads as "outcome studies" on the page, but the link takes you to the "social anxiety: outcome studies" page and not to the general, "outcome studies" page.

Please make copious use of the discussion pages to generate proposals for further research, consolidation of treatment protocols etc. etc. Please eliminate this text when redundant.



  • symptoms
  • synonyms and related phrases

History of the disorder

  • historical sources
  • famous clinicans


Risk factors


Diagnosis & evaluation


For people with this difficulty

For their carers

For the practitioner

'''Anonymous fictional case studies for training'''

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