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The following is the october 6th 2021 version of the homonym tables:

non-homophonic homonyms:

 tear (rip) tear (water) taer (rip) teer (water)
 lead (direct) lead (metal) lead (direct; unch.) ledd (metal)
 read (current) read (past) read (current; unch.) red (past)
 record (action) record (information) reecord (action) recurd (information)
 separate (action) separate (adjective) seperaet (action) seperit (adjective)
 agape (love) agape (mouth) oggoppey (love) agaep (mouth)
 content (filling) content (accepted) content (filling; unch.) cuntent (accepted)
 project (thrust) project (task) pruject (thrust) project (task; unch.)
 perfect (descriptor) perfect (action) perfict (descriptor) perfect (action; unch.)
 live (verb) live (adjective) liv (verb) liev (adjective)
 wind (air) wind (twist) wind (air; unchanged) wiend (twist)
 close (action) close (adjective) cloez (action) cloes (adjective)
 bow (weapon / tie) bow (gesture / ship) bo or bow bouw or bou
 sow (seeds) sow (pig) sow (seeds; unch.) souw (pig)
 use (action) use (noun) yuez (action) yues (noun)
 uses (action) uses (noun) yuezez (action) yuesez (noun)


homophonic homonyms:

"unch." or "un." or "u." = "unchanged"

 original spelling differentiated spelling
 back (direction) back (anatomy) back (direction; unch.) backk (anatomy)
 pack (cargo) pack (animals) pack (cargo; unch.) packk (animals)
 track (action) track (place) track (action; unch.) trackk (place)
 hack (chop) hack (computers) hack (chop; unch.) hhack (computers)
 plaque (microbial) plaque (object) plaq (microbial) plak (object)
 faculty (ability) faculty (people) faculty (ability; unch.) facultyy (people)
 magazine (paper) magazine (bullets) magazien (paper) magazeen (bullets)
 bat (object) bat (animal) bat (object; unch.) batt (animal)
 batter (baseball) batter (cooking) batter (baseball; un.) battur (cooking)
 catalog (action) catalog (magazine) catalog (action; unch.) catalogg (magazine)
 that (which) that (pronoun) that (which; unch.) thatt (pronoun)
 matter (important) matter (atoms) matter (important; un.) mattur (atoms)
 match (pairing) match (object) mach (pairing) match (object; unch.)
 jam (action) jam (fruit) jam (action; unch.) jamm (fruit)
 ram (action) ram (animal) rram (action) ramm (animal)
 can (able) can (object) can (able; unchanged) cann (object)
 pan (object) pan (insult) pan (object; unch.) ppan (insult)
 fan (object) fan (person) fan (object; unch.) fann (person)
 band (object) band (group) band (object; unch.) bandd (group)
 stand (action) stand (object) stand (action; unch.) standd (object)
 standard (typical) standard (flag) standard (typical; un.) standardd (flag)
 handle (control) handle (part) handel (control) handul (part)
 land (action) land (area) lland (action) land (area; unch.)
 sand (action) sand (substance) ssand (action) sand (substance; un.)
 staff (object) staff (people) staf (object) staff (people; unch.)
 calf (muscle) calf (animal) caf (muscle) caff (animal)
 draft (wind) draft (sketch) draft (conscript) drafft (wind) draft (sketch; unch.) drafftt (conscript)
 have/has/had (did) have/has/had (possess) have/has/had
(before "to")
hav/haz/had (did) hhav/hhaz/hhad (possess) haftu/hastu/hadtu
 passage (through) passage (excerpt) passij (through) passijj (excerpt)
 gas (air) gas (gasoline) gass (air) gasss (gasoline)
 class (school) class (division) classs (school; unch.) class (division)
 glass (substance) glass (glass cup) glass (substance; un.) glasss (glass cup)
 past (across) past (time) past (across; unch.) pastt (time)
 cast (throw) cast (mold) cast (actors) ccast (throw) cast (mold; unch.) castt (actors)
 last (duration) last (previous) last (final) llast (duration) last (previous; unch.) lastt (final)
 plasma (particles) plasma (blood) plazma (particles) pllazma (blood)
 check (action) check (money) check (mark) chek (action) checkk (money) check (mark; unch.)
 second (order) second (time) secund (order) secundd (time)
 sex (action) sex (gender) sex (action; unch.) sexx (gender)
 set (organize) set (sun) set (organize; unch.) sset (sun)
 temple (building) temple (head) tempul (building) tempel (head)
 pen (object) pen (cage) pen (object; unch.) penn (cage)
 general (descriptor) general (officer) jenerul (descriptor) jenurul (officer)
 then (next) then (that time) then (therefore) thhen (next) thenn (that time) then (therefore; un.)
 sentence (words) sentence (penal) sentenss (words) sentensss (penal)
 fence (structure) fence (swords) fenss (structure) ffenss (swords)
 spell (letters) spell (magic) spell (letters; unch.) spelll (magic)
 well (healthy) well (structure) wel (healthy) well (structure; unch.)
 left (remaining) left (direction) left (behind) left (remaining; unch.) lefft (direction) lleft (behind)
  left (departed) llleft (departed)
 level (flat) level (highness) level (flat; unchanged) levell (highness)
 press (action) press (media) press (action; unch.) presss (media)
 dress (action) dress (objects) dres (action) dress (objects; unch.)
 rest (relax) rest (remainder) rrest (relax) rest (remainder; un.)
 present (now) present (gift) prezent (now) prezentt (gift)
 resolution (visual) resolution (commit) rezalushun (visual) rezalushunn (commit)
 net (entire) net (object) net (entire; unch.) nett (object)
 letter (figure) letter (mail) lettur (figure) letter (mail; unch.)
 relative (comparative) relative (family) relativ (comparative) relativv (family)
 felt (sense) felt (material) felt (sense; unch.) feltt (material)
 degree (extent) degree (temperature) degree (college) digree (extent; unch.) digri (temperature) degree (college; un.)
 tick (clock) tick (parasite) tick (clock; unch.) tickk (parasite)
 stick (action) stick (object) stik (action) stick (object; unch.)
 pick (choose) pick (object) pick (choose; unch.) pickk (object)
 nickel (metal) nickel (coin) nickul (metal) nickel (coin; unch.)
 fixed (static) fixed (repaired) fixd (static) ffixd (repaired)
 bit (action) bit (object) bit (data) bbit (action) bit (object; unch.) bitt (data)
 pit (hole) pit (seed) pit (hole; unchanged) pitt (seed)
 litter (trash) litter (offspring) litter (absorbant) litter (trash; unch.) litterr (offspring) littur (absorbant)
 spit (action) spit (spike) spit (action; unch.) spitt (spike)
 fit (contain) fit (healthy) fit (contain; unch.) fitt (healthy)
 clip (clamp) clip (bullets) clip (clamp; unch.) clipp (bullets)
 tip (point) tip (money) tip (point; unchanged) tipp (money)
 trip (stumble) trip (trek) trip (stumble; unch.) tripp (trek)
 script (movie) script (alphabet) script (movie; unch.) skript (alphabet)
 pitch (up or down) pitch (throw) pitch (tar) pitch (up or down; un.) ppitch (throw) pitchh (tar)
 pitcher (container) pitcher (baseball) pitcher (container; u.) ppitcher (baseball)
 rich (filled) rich (wealthy) rich (filled; unch.) richh (wealthy)
 initiate /
 initiation (begin)
initiate /
initiation (ceremony)
inishiaet /
inishiaeshun (begin)
innishiaet /
innishiaeshun (cer.)
 into (inside) into (transform) intu (inside) inntu (transform)
 mint (flavor) mint (create) mint (factory) mint (flavor; unch.) mmint (create) mmintt (factory)
 since (after) since (because) sinss (after) sinnss (because)
 institution (impose) institution (place) institushun (impose) institushunn (place)
 miss (aim) miss (emotion) miss (woman) miss (aim; unch.) mmiss (emotion) misss (woman)
 missing (absent) missing (aim) missing (emotion) missingg (absent) missing (aim; unch.) mmissing (emotion)
 issue (subject) issue (catalog) ishoo (subject) ishue (catalog)
 fish (action) fish (animal) ffish (action) fish (animal; unch.)
 bill (charge) bill (anatomy) bil (charge) bill (anatomy; unch.)
 still (nonetheless) still (motionless) stil (nonetheless) still (motionless; un.)
 building (action) building (structure) bilding (action) bildingg (structure)
 drill (bore) drill (practice) drill (bore; unchanged) drrill (practice)
 will (going to) will (ineritance) will (going to; unch.) wwill (ineritance)
 saw (view) saw (tool) saw (view; unch.) ssaw (tool)
 draw (pull) draw (sketch) drraw (pull) draw (sketch; unch.)
 straw (substance) straw (utensil) straw (substance; u.) sttraw (utensil)
 block (action) block (object) block (city) blok (action) block (object; unch.) blockk (city)
 cock (gun) cock (rooster) cok (gun) cock (rooster; unch.)
 lock (object) lock (action) lock (hair) lockk (object) lock (action; unch.) lok (hair)
 rock (action) rock (object) rok (action) rock (object; unch.)
 stalk (action) stalk (anatomy) stok (action) stahk (anatomy)
 sock (punch) sock (clothing) soc (punch) sock (clothing; unch.)
 log (record) log (wood) llog (record) log (wood)
 clog (pipe) clog (shoe) clog (pipe; unch.) clogg (shoe)
 box (object) box (sport) box (object; unch.) bbox (sport)
 lot (much) lot (area) lot (role) lot (much; unch.) lott (area) llot (role)
 knot (tie) knot (speed) nott (tie) nnott (speed)
 squat (sit) squat (exercise) squot (sit) squott (exercise)
 shot (blast) shot (needle) shot (objects) shot (blast; unch.) shhot (needle) shott (objects)
 watch (action) watch (object) wotch (action) wotchh (object)
 odd (unusual) odd (number) od (unusual) odd (number; unch.)
 property (aspect) property (owned) property (aspect; un.) propertyy (owned)
 drop (action) drop (object) ddrop (action) drop (object; unch.)
 shop (action) shop (place) shop (action; unch.) shopp (place)
 cross (traverse) cross (symbol) cross (traverse; un.) crosss (symbol)
 positive (definite) positive (charge) ppozitiv (definite) pozitiv (charge)
 call (name) call (shout) call (telephone) coll (name) cahl (shout) ccoll (telephone)
 ball (object) ball (event) boll (object) bahl (event)
 fall (action) fall (season) foll (action) fahl (season)
 volume (sound) volume (book) volyum (sound) voleum (book)
 stall (action) stall (structure) sstoll (action) stoll (structure)
 swallow (action) swallow (bird) swollow (action) swolloww (bird)
 on (above) on (active) on (above; unch.) onn (active)
 off (not above) off (not active) of (not above) off (not active; unch.)
 palm (hand) palm (tree) pom (hand) pahm (tree)
 bar (object) bar (place) bar (object; unch.) barr (place)
 park (vehicle) park (grass) park (vehicle; unch.) parkk (grass)
 bark (dog) bark (tree) bbark (dog) barkk (tree)
 marble (substance) marble (object) marbul (substance) marbel (object)
 guard (action) guard (person) gard (action) gardd (person)
 yard (field) yard (length) yard (field; unch.) yardd (length)
 march (action) march (month) march (action; unch.) marcch (month)
 charge (rush) charge (command) charge (penal) chharj (rush) charj (command) charjj (penal)
  charge (electrical) charjjj (electrical)
 part (component) part (separate) part (component; un.) ppart (separate)
 party (event) party (political) pparty (event) partyy (political)
 arm (anatomy) arm (weapon) arm (anatomy; unch.) armm (weapon)
 gutter (doer) gutter (object) gutter (doer; unch.) guttur (object)
 nut (food) nut (metal part) nut (food; unchanged) nutt (metal part)
 materialism (philos.) materialism (greed) materializmm (philos.) materializm (greed)
 about (on subject) about (almost) about (on subject; un.) ubbout (almost)
 around (near) around (circle) around (near; unch.) aroundd (circle)
 club (object) club (group) club (object; unch.) clubb (group)
 rubber (substance) rubber (actor) rubbur (substance) rubber (actor; unch.)
 duck (action) duck (animal) dduck (action) duck (animal; unch.)
 slug (snail) slug (punch) slug (snail; unch.) sslug (punch)
 dump (action) dump (place) dump (action; unch.) dumpp (place)
 bun (bread) bun (hair) bun (bread; unch.) bunn (hair)
 one (self) one (number) wun (self) wunn (number)
 trunk (storage) trunk (anatomy) trunk (tree) trunkk (storage) trungk (anatomy) trunk (tree; unch.)
 punch (fist) punch (drink) punch (fist; unch.) punchh (drink)
 clutch (grasp) clutch (car part) clutch (group) clutch (grasp; unch.) cluttch (car part) cluch (group)
 official (adjective) official (person) uffishal (adjective) uffishall (person)
 just (only) just (justified) just (recently) just (only; unchanged) justt (justified) jjust (recently)
 must (certainly) must (imperative) must (certainly; unch.) mmust (imperative)
 flush (flat) flush (red) flush (toilet) flush (flat; unchanged) flushh (red) fflush (toilet)
 pronounced (words) pronounced (major) prunounssd (words) prrunounssd (major)
 may (possible) may (month) may (possible; unch.) maey (month)
 lay (action) lay (non-clergy) lay (action; unch.) layy (non-clergy)
 ray (light) ray (animal) ray (light; unchanged) rayy (animal)
 make (create) make (bring about) mmaek (create) maek (bring about)
 wake (alert) wake (funeral) waek (alert) waekk (funeral)
 date (day) date (activity) date (fruit) daet (day) daett (activity) dait (fruit)
 state (say) state (condition) state (government) stait (say) staet (condition) staett (government)
 cape (clothing) cape (geography) caep (clothing) caepp (geography)
 table (chart) table (furniture) taibel (chart) tabel (furniture)
 page (paper) page (messenger) page (electronic) paej (paper) paij (messenger) ppaij (electronic)
 major (adjective) major (military) majer (adjective) majur (military)
 base (bottum) base (military) base (alkaline) baes (bottum) baess (military) beis (alkaline)
 case (circumstance) case (container) caes (circumstance) caess (container)
 face (anatomy) face (action) faess (anatomy) ffaes (action)
 race (contest) race (taxonomy) raes (contest) raess (taxonomy)
 space (area) space (stellar) spaes (area) spaess (stellar)
 waste (action) waste (material) waest (action) waestt (material)
 haze (mist) haze (fraternity) haez (mist) hhaez (fraternity)
 patient (waiting) patient (medical) paishent (waiting) paishentt (medical)
 claim (say) claim (own) claim (say; unch.) claimm (own)
 change (alteration) change (money) chaenj (alteration) chaenjj (money)
 plain (adjective) plain (geography) plain (adjective; unch.) plainn (geography)
 plane (geometry) plane (airplane) plaen (geometry) plaenn (airplane)
 train (practice) train (vehicle) trrain (practice) trainn (vehicle)
 grain (wood) grain (sand) grain (food) grrain (wood) grainn (sand) grain (food; unch.)
 bank (river) bank (money) baink (river) bainkk (money)
 tank (liquid) tank (vehicle) taink (liquid) tainkk (vehicle)
 scale (measure) scale (anatomy) scael (measure) scail (anatomy)
 hail (ice) hail (solute) hail (ice; unchanged) hhail (solute)
 nail (tool) nail (anatomy) nael (tool) nail (anatomy; unch.)
 air (gas) air (television) air (gas; unchanged) aeir (television)
 wear (clothes) wear (damage) waer (clothes) wair (damage)
 arrow (symbol) arrow (weapon) arro (symbol) arrow (weapon; un.)
 speaker (person) speaker (object) speaker (person; un.) speeker (object)
 medium (size) medium (liquid) medium (size; unch.) mediumm (liquid)
 being (is) being (individual) being (is; unchanged) beeing (individual)
 key (locks) key (piano) key (locks; unch.) kee (piano)
 beat (punch) beat (sound) bbeat (punch) beat (sound; unch.)
 screen (mesh) screen (TV) skreen (mesh) screen (TV; unch.)
 lean (action) lean (meat) lean (action; unch.) leann (meat)
 mean (intend) mean (personality) mean (intend; unch.) meann (personality)
 ring (sound) ring (object) rring (sound) ring (object; unch.)
 spring (object) spring (season) spring (water) springg (object) spreeng (season) spring (water; unch.)
 single (sole) single (unpartnered) singul (sole) singel (unpartnered)
 sink (action) sink (object) sink (action; unch.) sinkk (object)
 even (still) even (level) even (still; unch.) evenn (level)
 leaves (action) leaves (objects) leavz (action) leavvz (objects)
 deal (business) deal (cards) deal (business; unch.) deel (cards)
 feeling (action) feeling (thing) feeling (action; unch.) feelingg (thing)
 seal (fasten) seal (animal) seal (fasten; unch.) seel (animal)
 field (grass) field (force) field (grass; unch.) fieldd (force)
 ear (anatomy) ear (corn) ear (anatomy; unch.) eer (corn)
 clear (understood) clear (empty) clear (transparent) clear (understood) clearr (empty) clearrr (transparent)
 sheer (transparent) sheer (cut) sheer (only) sheer (transparent; u.) shheer (cut) sheerr (only)
 steer (vehicle) steer (bovine) steer (vehicle; unch.) steerr (bovine)
 period (time) period (punctuation) period (menstrual) periud (time) periudd (punctuation) pperiud (menstrual)
 by (time) by (next to) by (via) by (time; unchanged) byy (next to) byyy (via)
 die (action) die (cast) die (games) die (action; unch.) diey (cast) ddie (games)
 tie (clothing) tie (cord) tie (race) tiey (clothing) tie (cord; unchanged) ty (race)
 lie (deceive) lie (lay) lie (deceive; unch.) liey (lay)
 fly (action) fly (insect) fly (action; unch.) flyy (insect)
 spy (action) spy (person) spy (action; unch.) spyy (person)
 flyer (doer) flyer (paper) flyer (doer; unch.) flyerr (paper)
 like (affinity) like (similar) lliek (affinity) liek (similar)
 microwave (photon) microwave (oven) microwaev (photon) microwaevv (oven)
 light (luminous) light (weight) light (photons) liet (luminous) lliet (weight) liett (photons)
light (object) light (action) liettt (object) lliett (action)
 lighting (condition) lighting (action) lietting (condition) llietting (action)
 lighter (comparative) lighter (object) lieter (comparative) lietur (object)
 might (possible) might (strength) miet (possible) miett (strength)
 flight (in air) flight (stairs) fliet (in air) fliett (stairs)
 type (particular) type (writing) tiep (particular) typ (writing)
 fiber (object) fiber (dietary) fiber (object; unch.) fibur (dietary)
 hide (conceal) hide (skin) hied (conceal) hiedd (skin)
 ride (action) ride (machine) ried (action) riedd (machine)
 slide (action) slide (slope) slied (action) sliedd (slope)
 fine (small) fine (cost) fien (small) fienn (cost)
 sign (write) sign (signal) sign (object) ssien (write) sein (signal) sienn (object)
 mine (possess) mine (tunnel) mine (bomb) mien (possess) mienn (tunnel) miennn (bomb)
 minor (adjective) minor (person) minur (adjective) minurr (person)
 line (mark) line (cord) line (people) lien (mark) lienn (cord) liennn (people)
 kind (type) kind (behavior) kind (type; unch.) kkind (behavior)
 lime (fruit) lime (calcium) liem (fruit) liemm (calcium)
 life (biological) life (personal) lief (biological) lieff (personal)
 dice (action) dice (games) ddiess (action) diesss (games)
 liaison (event) liaison (person) liaizon (event) liaizonn (person)
 file (papers) file (tool) feiul (papers) feiull (tool)
 tire (object) tire (fatigue) tieurr (object) ttieur (fatigue)
 fire (flame) fire (gun) fire (job) fieur (flame) ffieur (gun) fffieur (job)
 iron (metal) iron (object) iurn (metal) iurnn (object)
 bow (weapon) bow (tie) bow (gesture) bo (weapon) bow (tie) bouw (gesture)
  bow (ship) bou (ship)
 blow (wind) blow (strike) blow (wind; unch.) bblow (strike)
 so (therefore) so (superlative) so (therefore; unch.) sso (superlative)
 row (order) row (action) ro (order) row (action; unch.)
 lower (relative) lower (action) lower (relative; unch.) llower (action)
 broke (action) broke (money) broek (action) broekk (money)
 scope (breadth) scope (object) scoep (breadth) scoepp (object)
 note (writing) note (music) noet (writing) noett (music)
 notice (see) notice (news) notis (see) notiss (news)
 poach (hunting) poach (cooking) ppoach (hunting) poach (cooking; un.)
 own (self) own (possess) own (self; unchanged) ownn (possess)
 rose (action) rose (object) roez (action) roezz (object)
 coast (shore) coast (action) coast (shore; unch.) ccoast (action)
 coaster (roller) coaster (drink) ccoaster (roller) coastur (drink)
 pole (object) pole (geography) poel (object) poell (geography)
 bowl (object) bowl (action) bowl (object; unch.) bbowl (action)
 sole (only) sole (shoe) soel (only) soell (shoe)
 cold (temperature) cold (virus) cold (temperature; u.) coldd (virus)
 mold (shape) mold (microbe) mold (shape; unch.) moald (microbe)
 store (action) store (place) stoer (action) stoerr (place)
 story (book) story (floor) story (book; unch.) storry (floor)
 mortal (fatal) mortal (living) mmortal (fatal) mortal (living; unch.)
 sort (type) sort (action) sort (type; unch.) ssort (action)
 order (sequence) order (group) order (command) order (sequence; un.) ordur (group) orrder (command)
 bored (emotion) bored (hole) boerd (emotion) bboerd (hole)
 board (wood) board (airplane) board (wood; unch.) bboard (airplane)
 orange (color) orange (fruit) ornj (color) ornjj (fruit)
 corporal (bodily) corporal (rank) corpurul (bodily) corperul (rank)
 court (judicial) court (sports) cortt (judicial) cort (sports)
 horse (animal) horse (voice) horss (animal) horrss (voice)
 bore (drill) bore (dull) boer (drill) boerr (dull)
 quarter (fraction) quarter (coin) quortur (fraction) quorter (coin)
 moor (anchor) moor (heath) mmor (anchor) morr (heath)
 horn (spike) horn (sound) hornn (spike) horrn (sound)
 to (for the purpous) to (destination) tu (for the purpous) ttu (destination)
 too (also) too (excessive) too (also; unchanged) ttoo (excessive)
 move (verb) move (dance) moov (verb) moovv (dance)
 loom (intimidate) loom (weaving) loom (intimidate; un.) loomm (weaving)
 room (space) room (housing) room (space; unch.) roomm (housing)
 pool (water) pool (game) pool (water; unch.) pooll (game)
 rule (action) rule (policy) rruel (action) ruel (policy)
 ruler (object) ruler (person) ruler (object; unch.) rruler (person)
 cook (action) cook (person) cook (action; unch.) cookk (person)
 look (appear) look (action) look (appear; unch.) llook (action)
 foot (anatomy) foot (length) foot (anatomy; unch.) foott (length)
 power (might) power (electrical) power (might; unch.) powwer (electrical)
 count (numbers) count (title) count (numbers; un.) countt (title)
 counter (shelf) counter (task) counter (oppose) countur (shelf) counter (task; unch.) ccounter (oppose)
 pound (weight) pound (action) pound (currency) pound (weight; unch.) ppound (action) poundd (currency)
 round (adjective) round (bout) round (bullet) round (adjective; un.) roundd (bout) rounddd (bullet)
 coin (money) coin (invent) coin (money; unch.) ccoin (invent)
 point (action) point (sharp) ppoint (action) pointt (sharp)
 current (now) current (water) curent (now) current (water; unch.)
 turn (direction) turn (sequence) turn (direction; unch.) turnn (sequence)
 stern (attitude) stern (ship) stern (attitude; unch.) sternn (ship)
 term (word) term (time) turm (word) term (time; unch.)
 nervous (system) nervous (anxious) nervus (system) nerrvus (anxious)