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The Santa Fe Institute (or SFI) is a non-profit research institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico founded by George Cowan, David Pines, Stirling Colgate, Murray Gell-Mann, Nick Metropolis, Herb Anderson, Peter A. Carruthers, and Richard Slansky in 1984 to study complex systems. All but Pines and Gell-Mann were scientists with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

SFI's original mission was to disseminate the notion of a separate interdisciplinary research area, complexity theory (referred to at SFI as "complexity science"), but it has recently announced that its original mission to develop and disseminate a general theory of complexity has been realized (noting that numerous complexity institutes and departments have sprung up around the world — cf. CCS, CSCS at the University of Michigan, the CSE at UC Davis and the NECSI), and that it was working on updating its mission for the coming fifty years.

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The publications of the Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity all carry an imprint inspired by a Mimbres pottery design.

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