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SANE is a mental illness charity in the UK established in 1986. SANE was founded after an overwhelming public response to a series of articles featured in 'The Times' entitled The Forgotten Illness. Written by Marjorie Wallace, now SANE's Chief Executive, the articles underscored the neglect of people suffering from schizophrenia and the paucity of services and treatments. From its initial focus on schizophrenia, SANE developed and is now concerned with all mental illnesses.

SANE works closely with other mental health charities and external organisations and is an active member of the Mental Health Alliance.


SANE has three stated objectives:

  • To raise awareness and respect for people with mental illness and their families, improve education and training, and secure better services
  • To undertake research into the causes of serious mental illness through The Prince of Wales International Centre for SANE Research
  • To provide information and emotional support to those experiencing mental health problems, their families and carers through SANELINE.

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