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The Reynell Developmental Language Scales - RDLS is a standardised measure of language development for everyday clinical use.

Now in its third version the measure includes two scales: the Comprehension Scale and the Expressive Scale. In all the test contains 62 items and assesses the structural aspects of language and how these are adopted to acquire and use language and helps in the identification of language disorders and language delay

The Comprehension Scale[]

This is organised in 10 sections:

  • Single words
  • Relating two named objects
  • Agents and actions
  • Causal constituents
  • Attributes
  • Noun phrases
  • Locative relations
  • Verbs and thematic role assignment
  • Vocabulary and complex grammar
  • Inferencing

The Expressive Scale[]

This is organised into 7 main sections:

  • Simple words
  • Verbs and phrases
  • Inflections -Plurals, third person
  • Past tense
  • Causal elements
  • Auxiliaries -Negatives, questions and tags
  • Complex structures -Imitation, correction of errors and utterence completion.

The test includes the use of the supplied toys and finger puppets.