International members of a peer review group are recruited on the basis that they represent a different language community from the majority of the other members of the group.

They might not be easily recruited in some areas so we accept that, particularly initially, their role may be filled merely by someone from a country different to the majority of the group.

We ask for their inclusion to try to facilitate an international perspective on the articles here and to try to counteract the anglophone bias that is inevitable in the early stage of the construction of this site. We also hope that there recruitment will stimulate interest in developing the interlanguage links in articles and the eventual translation of the approved content into other languages.

The international members of the panel have an important role in:

  • Advocating for the inclusion of relevant research conducted around the world.
  • Documenting of prominent workers from different countries.
  • Developing our knowledge about Psychology in each country of the world
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