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This is intended as a general list of things to do, under each of 6 major task headings.

The current key task is to complete the copying over of major articles from Wikipedia to act as place holders for more academic contributions. For outline of overall program of work see: Psychology Wiki program of works

For further advice about contributing see here

we are currently working off of two lists:

We also need the following articles to be started:

Additional articles required[edit source]

In each case

Click on any red link.
Then in another browser go to the article of that name in Wikipedia (WP).
Read the WP article and if you feel it has information relevant to the Psychology Wiki (PW) copy it over using cut and paste.For how to copy over articles, see Copying from Wikipedia
Edit the content in PW, improve it if you can, add references etc , before saving it
If the article is not on WP please try to develop it yourself. You can use Bibliograpy etc page layout as a template.

Additional new tasks[edit source]

These include (Please add items to this list):

  • Import in supporting templates for Template:chembox new see Taurine
  • Look for 'what links here' to Template:Category redirect see Category:Lab equipment and make changes
  • Same moving contents of Category:Mood disorders to Category:Affective disorders
  • We are currently seeking someone to maintain the project of setting up appropriate links to the many videos relevant to psychology (eg of Skinner, Seligman etc) that are appearing on Youtube Instructions here. See also
  • Import from Wikipedia articles linked to Template:Phobias
  • We would be particularly interested to hear from individuals or groups who would like to extract from the database a formal, structured ontology (information science) to contribute to the semantic web project and to explore automated systems of information management within our discipline.
  • For controversial topics, it would be great to know how much scientific consensus there is at any time for all sides of an issue. is being developed with the goal of measuring scientific consensus on such issues. If survey topics have not yet been created for particular controversial issues, they can be created, and links to them added on related articles showing the current measure of scientific consensus on all sides of any issue.
  • Set up the categories for each year of the timeline, establishing categories for each year and for that years and. See recent changes to 1921 for a model. Contact me if you need help.Dr Joe Kiff 07:52, April 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..

Improving Articles - Tasks[edit source]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Improving Articles

We always need general help and this is a good place to start if you are new and dont want to start by writing articles.

These are good tasks to do if you have only 10-20 minutes to spare.

If you dont know which article to work on click on "random page" link on the left.

  • Add references
    • We are aiming at completeness in our referencing. For each article collect together all relevant references. Follow APA style guidelines.
  • Linking references to full text
    • This is a key activity linking our knowledge to the evidence base in a way that is accessible to all. Use search engines to locate copies of papers and link to them.
  • Adding ISBN numbers to book references.
    • Go to a site like Amazon to identify ISBN. Copy it to the end of the book reference. Remove the colon so it reads ISBN xxxx and the software will do the rest. This will become increasingly important as libraries link their catalogue systems together and will enable us to locate books worldwide.
  • Linking book titles to Book details page
    • Put link around book title. Then copy Book record card into the linked blank page and fill in details.
  • Correct spelling and punctuation.
    • This help is always useful and adds to the professional appearance of the site.
  • Remove unneeded links
    • As the articles have been copied from Wikipedia they contain links to places, to general categories of things (human beings, animals, centuries etc) or to non-psychological categories that we do not need on this site. You can help by taking away the pairs of square brackets around these words to remove the link.
  • Remove inappropriate content
    • Some of the articles copied from Wikipedia contain information not relevant to an academic psychology site and this can be deleted.
  • Improve our list of Journals
    • The web page address of each journal needs checking and including against the journal name on the list. list your progress on the discussion page so people know what has been done.
    • Then for each journal the Journal record card text needs copying onto their page and the information filling in.
  • Improve an article
    • Articles in Category:Pages needing expert attention are listed on the link at the foot of this page. If you have a particular interest in a field these articles would benefit from you attention.

Copying Articles[edit source]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Copying Articles

Ongoing Tasks[edit source]

  • Check that the Psychology Wiki does not already have an article on that subject, perhaps under a different name.
  • Check that the content is freely available, ie not copyrighted, or is available under GFDU

Discrete (completable) tasks[edit source]

  • Go to Category:Bias and work on turning the red links blue by copying over the articles from Wikipedia.
  • Go to List of AI topics and work on turning the red links blue by copying over the articles from Wikipedia.

Featured Articles[edit source]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Featured Articles

Ongoing Tasks[edit source]

  • Select articles to be featured
  • Agree on standards to be met in featured articles

Discrete (completable) tasks[edit source]

Improving structure[edit source]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Improving Structure

Ongoing tasks[edit source]

  1. Learn your way around the site first
  2. If something on a page can be usefully explained by linking to information on another page - DO IT.
  3. Contribute by:
  • Fixing broken links
  • Redirecting pages to the correct article (#REDIRECT [[...]])
  • Adding missing articles that are linked to (red links)
  • Pointing out mistakes, holes, missing info to others
  • Helping to organise a particular area
  • Setting up more detailed articles off of long articles

Discrete (completable) tasks[edit source]

(Well - after we catch up, some will be ongoing as new pages are added!)

Creating New Articles[edit source]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Creating new articles

Ongoing Tasks[edit source]

  • Check that the Psychology Wiki does not already have an article on that subject, perhaps under a different name.

Discrete (completable) tasks[edit source]

Attracting New Contributors[edit source]

Main article: Psychology_Wiki:Attracting_new_contributors

Ongoing Tasks[edit source]

  • Raise awareness with your friends/colleagues in Psychology
  • Talk to other contributors, to make them feel welcome and enjoy the community

Discrete (completable) tasks[edit source]

  • Fix welcome note
  • Contact all Psy Blogs
  • Contact all Psy Forums
  • Contact various Psychologist Homepages
  • Contact people on the People to Contact List

Ideas for further improvement[edit source]

  • Get HONCode (Health on Network) for this wiki, as it signifies some credibility and may provide a defacto review process to incorp here Bikenotmed 22:35, 26 July 2006 (UTC). This has been applied for, still awaiting notificationDr Joe Kiff 11:48, 27 November 2006 (UTC)
This site has now been approved. Dr Joe Kiff 08:57, 5 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Somehow reward those that contribute Bikenotmed 21:19, 26 December 2007 (UTC)
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