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This pertains to Wikipedia and has been included for interest

At a rate of four hundred words a minute, four hours a day, a person could read a hundred thousand words in a day, or three million words in a month. Wikipedia is currently growing at over twenty million words a month. Or in other words, a moderately fast reader could never catch up with Wikipedia's new content. Reading the current incarnation at that rate would take nearly a decade, and by the time they were done, so much would have changed with the parts they had already read that they would have to start over. As a result, sometimes the only way to get an idea of the bigger picture is with statistics.

The available statistics cover various aspects of Wikipedia, whether as an encyclopedia, a website, or a community. Some provide current snapshots and others track growth and development over time.

Realtime statisticsEdit

  • Special:Statistics — a page that reports the current number of articles, which can also be seen wherever the MediaWiki feature {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} is used. Also recorded are the total number of pages overall, the number of edits and edits per page, and the number of registered users and administrators, along with links to other statistics pages.
  • Realtime statistics showing daily, monthly, and yearly global traffic across all Wikimedia projects.

Manually updated statisticsEdit

These are compilations of statistical information that are updated regularly from outside sources.

Periodically updated statisticsEdit

A number of statistics have been generated by various people from database downloads, which allow them to analyze the Wikipedia database automatically using various programs and scripts. The frequency of updates varies according to when new downloads are available and how often the maintainers can produce them.


Archived statisticsEdit

The following statistical resources are currently unavailable or no longer updated, and listed for historical interest.

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