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In order to achieve our aims there are a number of logical stages we need to follow. These are:

Stage OneEdit

  • (we are currently about 99% through this task)

Copy over all articles relevent to psychology and to integrate them into the knowledge structure of the APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms where possible. New articles need to be created where necessary.

Stage TwoEdit

All psychology dictionaries should be combed for additional terms and their definitions used as the basis of bolstering existing articles. Additional articles should be created where necessary and integrated into the existing structure. At this point we should have consolidated the knowledge structure of our discipline.

Stage threeEdit

Extensive indexes should be constructed for each specialist area and outlines for guided reading produced

Stage fourEdit

The introduction of a peer review system should allow for the an overview of each article to ensure they are of academic quality.

Stage fiveEdit

Articles should then be comprehensively supplemented with references from professional data bases, academic collections, our own reference collections and other sources.

Stage sixEdit

The references should then be logically categorised and where appropriate new articles created and linked to the structure created in stage one.

Stage fiveEdit

Articles need to be rewritten or updated in order to reflect the detailed knowledge in the literature

Stage sevenEdit

The pages need to be monitored on an ongoing basis in order to reflect new articles which should be integrated into the text.

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