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*[ ''Psychology Today'' official website]
*[ ''Psychology Today'' official website]
[[Category:Health magazines]]
[[Category:Health magazines]]

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Psychology Today is a magazine published every two months in the United States. It is a psychology-based magazine about all things psychological - neuroscience, relationships, health, behavioral finance and a plethora of related topics written for a mass audience of non-psychologists.

Psychology Today was founded in 1967 and features articles on such topics as love, relationships, sex, happiness, success, depression, and self-empowerment. Frequently the articles are built around interpretations of recent psychological surveys and studies as well as findings from other fields such as neurology and pharmacology. Also featured is an advice column where reader’s questions on things such as child rearing,[1] cheating spouses and dieting are answered. Another prominent feature of Psychology Today magazine is its web sites collection of psychological therapy, complementary health resources sometimes in the form of advertisements, particularly for pharmaceutical companies. Its website features blogs by psychologists and psychiatrists. It also features some of the articles in the magazine issues, but not in full context. There are scores of writers for the Psychology Today blog. They span the range of psychological training from social work to psychiatry to neuroscience.


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