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Each country has its own testing qualification procedures:


The British Psychological Society issues five levels of certificates to trained test users who have undergone a training course with a verified assessor:

UK: Test Administration

UK: Level A (Ability and Aptitude Testing)

UK: Level B Intermediate (Personality Testing): (Competency in ONE Personality Measure)

UK: Level B: Intermediate plus (Competency in a Second or subsequent "Sufficiently Different" Personality Measure)

UK: Level B: Full (Competency in Test Choice, Test Evaluation and completion of a Diary Record and Project Report)

Anyone can take these courses regardless of previous qualifications. Level A is a pre-requisite to Level B.

India Edit

National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India has constituted a Committee on Accreditation and Psychological Testing (CAPT) in 2008.

  • CAPT has designed and launched a two level certification programme in Occupational Testing in India. The programme is open to people who are graduates in any discipline. Level 1 coveres the aptitude and ability tests whereas the Level 2 certificate covers personality tests. Clinical tests are not covered through this certification
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