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PsycLit is a CD-ROM version of Psychological Abstracts and is an essential tool for researchers, practitioners, and students in psychology and related disciplines.

It indexes a significant subset of the American Psychological Association's PsycINFO® database. PsycLIT® consists of over 1.3 million records from 1887 to the present. It covers the academic, research and practice literature in psychology from over 45 countries in more than 30 languages. It includes relevant materials from related disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, anthropology,education, social work, law, criminology, social science, and organisational behaviour.

It is one of a number of databases indexing psychological research papers and journals. Others include PsycINFO , Psychological Abstracts, Ulrich International Periodical Directory, PUBLIST (The Internet Directory Publications), ISSN International, PSICODOC, the ISOC database PSEDISOC, DOAJ CSIC-RISO, CIRBIC-REVISTAS, COMPLUDOC Social Science Citation Index and the Institute for Scientific Information(Thomson-ISI) Category;Psychology professional databases

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