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There is really no such thing as positieve thinking. There is only realistic sane thinking which turns out to be always neutral and insane or all other types of thinking.

Any type of thinking that is not neutral, positive of negative, regardless if positive or negative is insane and detrimental. If you find yourself thiking negative, the way to turn that into positive thinking in not to turn it arround and think positive, but to instead think neutral and tell yourself that you can't make any assumption. All the things you know, you know them and you will not deny them, but you will stop assuming any things you don't know for sure from perceiving negative.

Perceiving things positive instead of neutral is just as detrimental as negative thinking. It is the neutral unassuming realistic thinking that is meant when people speak of positive thinking. Let's cake an example. Let's assume you're calling a girl to ask her out and she's giving you a bad vibe, then she tells you she's not interested in going out. What do you do? There is a possiblity of negative thinking, you bet. You might think, I got a bad vibe from her, then she said she doesn't want to go out. So a bad vibe means that she doesn't want to go out. So a bad vibe means that she doesn't like me. There you go. Mistake number one. You have just made a generalization and an assumption which will faulter the rest of your logic and lead it to negative thinking.

The truth is that you don't know what a bad vibe means. You don't even know what a bad vibe is. It vould mean any number of things. She might not like some one particular thing you said, but want to still go out with you nevertheless. She might be having a bad day and generally giving off bad vibes. She might be in a bad mood after talking to someone else recently, you never know.

Try to solve this problem by thinking positive. I got a bad vibe, then she rejected me, so she must not like me. That's bad. Let's thinkg positive. Let's think she does like me. Look at this from a sane point of view and realize what it turns into. I got a bad vibe, she doesn't want to go out, she doesn't like me, she does like me. This is the equivalent of saying: I got a bad vibe, she likes me. That is just nonsence and insanity. The solution to negative thinking is not positive thinking but sane thinking.

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