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Since its inception in 1934, Philosophy of Science, along with its sponsoring society, The Philosophy of Science Association, has been dedicated to the furthering of studies and free discussion from diverse standpoints in the philosophy of science. The journal contains essays, discussion articles, and book reviews.

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Five times per year; the four regular issues are dated January, April, July, and October of each year. The December issue contains the conference proceedings of the Philosophy of Science Association.
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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 76 (2009)Edit

Volume 75 (2008)Edit

  • Bechtel, W. (2008). Mechanisms in cognitive psychology: What are the operations? Philosophy of Science, 75, 983-994. Full text

Volume 74 (2007)Edit

Volume 73 (2006)Edit

  • Machery, E., & Barrett, H.C. (2006). Essay review: Debunking Adapting Minds. Philosophy of Science, 73, 232-246. Full text

Volume 72 (2005)Edit

  • Shapiro, L. A. (2005). Can psychology be a unified science? Philosophy of Science, 72, 953-963. Full text

Volume 71 (2004)Edit

  • Stephens, C. (2004). Selection, drift, and the "forces" of evolution. Philosophy of Science, 71, 550-570. Full text
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