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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 62 (2009)Edit

  • Dierdorff, E. C., & Morgeson, F. P. (2009). Effects of descriptor specificity and observability on incumbent work analysis ratings. Personnel Psychology, 62, 601-628. Full text

Volume 61 (2008)Edit

Volume 60 (2007)Edit

  • Morgeson, F. P., Campion, M. A., Dipboye, R. L., Hollenbeck, J. R., Murphy, K., & Schmitt, N. (2007). Reconsidering the use of personality tests in personnel selection contexts. Personnel Psychology, 60, 683-729. Full text
  • Morgeson, F. P., Campion, M. A., Dipboye, R. L., Hollenbeck, J. R., Murphy, K., & Schmitt, N. (2007). Are we getting fooled again? Coming to terms with limitations in the use of personality tests in personnel selection. Personnel Psychology, 60, 1029-1049. Full text

Volume 59 (2006)Edit

  • Morgeson, F. P., Johnson, M. D., Medsker, G. J., Campion, M. A., & Mumford, T. V. (2006). Understanding reactions to job redesign: A quasi-experimental investigation of the moderating effects of organizational context on perceptions of performance behavior. Personnel Psychology, 59, 333-363. Full text
  • Schleicher, D. J., Venkataramani, V., Morgeson, F. P., & Campion, M. A. (2006). So you didn’t get the what do you think? Examining opportunity-to-perform fairness perceptions. Personnel Psychology, 59, 559-590. Full text

Volume 58 (2005)Edit

  • Morgeson, F. P., Reider, M. H., & Campion, M. A. (2005). Selecting individuals in team settings: The importance of social skills, personality characteristics, and teamwork knowledge. Personnel Psychology, 58, 583-611. Full text

Volume 57 (2004)Edit

Volume 56 (2003)Edit

Volume 55 (2002)Edit

  • Posthuma, R. A., Morgeson, F. P., & Campion, M. A. (2002). Beyond employment interview validity: A comprehensive narrative review of recent research and trends over time. Personnel Psychology, 55, 1-81. Full text
  • Morgeson, F. P., & Campion, M. A. (2002). Minimizing tradeoffs when redesigning work: Evidence from a longitudinal quasi-experiment. Personnel Psychology, 55, 589-612. Full text

Volume 54 (2001)Edit

  • Peterson, N. G., Mumford, M. D., Borman, W. C., Jeanneret, P. R., Fleishman, E. A., Campion, M. A., Levin, K. Y., Mayfield, M. S., Morgeson, F. P., Pearlman, K., Gowing, M. K., Lancaster, A., & Dye, D. (2001). Understanding work using the occupational information network (O*NET): Implications for practice and research. Personnel Psychology, 54, 451-492. Full text

Volume 53 (2000)Edit

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