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Past life regression (PLR) is a process of retrieving supposed memories of alleged previous lives. This can be by a process of hypnosis, however some teachings use a meditation type space. It is suggested by New Age therapists for personal growth and healing of people with psychological or physical problems. By reliving or discovering previous experiences or traumas, a person can identify the origin of his/her problem whether it is a phobia or a disability or other. One of PLR's leading advocates is Brian L. Weiss M.D.

Past life regression advocates believe in reincarnation and that the experiences from previous lives can carry over and affect a person's current life. Skeptics claim that it is highly probable that these memories are false and that they are purely the result of imagination or confabulations. Whether the memories are true, past life regression can be helpful in improving one's life and relationship with others. However, it has also been said that PLR can be disastrous when these memories are investigated, as it was the case with Bridey Murphy.

Past Life Therapy[]

Past Life Therapy typically uses so-called "de-hypnosis" techniques or "focused-state" to access unresolved past experiences. Past Life Therapists claim to help resolve past life survival scripts that may be effecting one's state of mind, behaviors, and mental and physical health in this (or even future) lifetime. Among the popular new age figures who teach and use past life regression techniques are Barbara Brennan and Ken Page and in the United Kingdom by Dr. John Plowman.

Scientology and Dianetics[]

L. Ron Hubbard's principles of Dianetics and Scientology use a form of past life regression in their Auditing sessions using a galvanic skin response machine called an E-meter.

The first writings in Scientology regarding past lives date from around 1951 and slightly earlier. In 1960, Hubbard compiled a collection of alleged past life regression memories reported by subject undergoing the Auditing process, entitled Have You Lived Before This Life. He began a sequel called Where Were You Buried? that was never completed.

In Scientology doctrine, past lives not only take place prior to Earth, but also in non-Earth civilizations such as Helatrobus and Xenu's Galactic Confederacy. They may even take place in universes prior to this one, where conditions and rules of existence can be different. [1]

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Past Life Regression is commonly used by Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists.

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