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Parenting skills are skills that parents need in order to fulfil their dutuies as parents.

Parental duties[edit | edit source]

There is general consensus around parents providing the basic necessities, with increasing interest in children's rights within the home environment.

Providing physical security[edit | edit source]

Providing physical security refers to a safety of a child's body, safety of a child's life.

Providing physical development[edit | edit source]

Developing a child physically refers to providing appropriate conditions for a healthy growth of a child.

  • To provide a child with the means to develop physically
  • To train the body of a child, to introduce to sport
  • To develop habits of health
  • Physical games

Providing intellectual security[edit | edit source]

Intellectual security refers to the conditions, in which a child's mind can develop. If the child's dignity is safe, that is nobody encroaches upon a child physically or verbally, then he is able to learn.

  • To provide an atmosphere of peace and justice in family, where no one's dignity is encroached upon.
  • To provide "no-fear," "no-threat, "no-verbal abuse" environment
  • To spend bonding times and share wonderful moments with children

Providing intellectual development[edit | edit source]

Intellectual development means providing opportunity to a child to learn - to learn about laws of nature and moral laws.

Providing emotional security[edit | edit source]

To provide security to a child is to help protect and shield the child's fragile psyche. It is to provide a safe loving environment, give a child a sense of being loved, being needed, welcomed.

Providing emotional development[edit | edit source]

Emotional development refers to giving a child an opportunity to love other people, to care, to help.

  • Developing in a child an ability to love through:
    • Showing empathy and compassion to younger and older, weaker and sicker, etc.
    • Caring for others, helping grandparents, etc.

Definition of parenting skills[edit | edit source]

In order to be able to achieve these goals parents need the folowing skills

Parenting skills assessment[edit | edit source]

Parent education programms[edit | edit source]

Main article: Parent education program

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