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These referencing styles will be used on the Psychology Wiki. Be familiar with them as they will help the project to be consistent in both style, content and academic references.

Example ReferenceEdit

Basic Referencing:Edit

If you are a beginner to Wiki editing, then please enter references in APA style (see below), just as you would do in an essay.

Adding a * will make a bullet point to indent you reference on a list.

Adding two of these ' to either side of the ''publication name'' will make it italicized.

For example:

  • Henriques, Gregg (2003) The Tree of Knowledge System and the Theoretical Unification of Psychology. Review of General Psychology, Vol. 7, No. 2, 150-182.

Advanced ReferencingEdit

If you are used to Wikis, try to add links to the Author, Publication and if possible an external link to the fulltext version of the paper.

Using [[ ]] for internal links and [ ] for external links is all you need to do.

The following text on the line below needs to be entered on a page being edited:

  • * [[Gregg_Henriques|Henriques, Gregg]] (2003) [[Henriques, Gregg (2003)|The Tree of Knowledge System and the Theoretical Unification of Psychology]]. ''[[Review of General Psychology]]'', Vol. 7, No. 2, 150-182. [ Fulltext].

(copy the text from THIS page rather than the edit page)

The above text will appear on the page like this:

  • The highlighted links in the above reference work like this:
1) The authors name Henriques, Gregg links to a page about the author.
2) The papers name The Tree of Knowledge System and the Theoretical Unification of Psychology links to a page discussing the paper, which by convention is the authors surname, firstname and the year of publication.
3) The publication name Review of General Psychology leads to a page about the publication
4) The fulltext link Fulltext leads to a .pdf version of the full paper. These are generally kept off-site at the moment.

Referencing StandardsEdit

These following pages give the referencing standards which the Psychology Wiki will follow:

  • APA style This is the standard formatting for references used on the Psychology Wiki.
  • Citation How to cite other peoples work properly

See AlsoEdit


  • Normally references for an article will be at the bottom of the page - Here.
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