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PLoS Biology
Discipline Biology
Language English
Abbreviated title PLoS Biol.
Publisher (country) Public Library of Science (USA)
Publication history Publishing since October 13, 2003

PLoS Biology is a scientific journal covering the full spectrum of the biological sciences it began operation on October 13, 2003. It was the first journal of the Public Library of Science (PLoS) a non-profit organization which releases scientific content under open access terms. All content in PLoS Biology is published under the Creative Commons "by-attribution" license [1]. To fund the journal, the publication's business model requires that, in most cases, authors will pay publication costs.

In addition to research articles, PLoS Biology publishes online e-letters in which the readers provide their comments to the articles.

On the basis of the first three issues Thompson ISI has calculated a preliminary impact factor for PLoS Biology of 13.9.

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