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Neuroeducation is an "interdisciplinary field that combines neuroscience, psychology and education to create improved teaching methods and curricula" [1]

Neuroeducation research and initiatives try to use discoveries about learning, memory, language and other areas of cognitive neuroscience to inform educators about the best strategies for teaching and learning. More and more, teachers want and need to know about how students think and learn. Neuroscientists, on the other hand, would like to know how can teachers’ questions drive neuroscience research [2]

Learning disabilities Edit

Another line of approach in neuroeducation is to understand what nervous and mental disturbances and diseases in students can affect their learning and how teachers can collaborate with other professionals to help identify the problem in classrooms and to address it in terms of special education methods for social inclusion of his/her affected students.

Thus neuroeducation encompasses the study of common ailments such as:

History Edit

Neuroeducation is a very recent field under this name, but the concept and early publications which tried to bridge neuroscience to education, were made by Henry Herbert Donaldson (1857–1938), a neurologist, who wote a book in 1895 titled The Growth of the Brain: A Study of the Nervous System in Relation to Education, and Reuben Post Halleck (1859–1936), an educator, who wrote in 1896 another book titled The Education of the Central Nervous System: A Study of Foundations, Especially of Sensory and Motor Training [3]

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