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Brain functions

Arousal Attention
Decision-makingExecutive functions
Motor coordinationPerception
PlanningProblem solving


Arthur L. BentonAntonio Damasio
Phineas GageNorman Geschwind
Donald HebbAlexander Luria
Muriel D. LezakBrenda Milner
Karl PribramOliver Sacks
Roger Sperry


Bender-Gestalt Test
Benton Visual Retention Test
Clinical Dementia Rating
Continuous Performance Task
Hayling and Brixton tests
Lexical decision task
Mini mental state examination
Stroop task
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
Wisconsin card sorting task

Anatomical regions of the brain are listed vertically, following hierarchies that are standard in neuroanatomy. Functional, connective, and developmental regions are listed horizontally in parentheses where appropriate.

Hindbrain (Rhombencephalon)[edit | edit source]

Myelencephalon[edit | edit source]

Metencephalon[edit | edit source]

Midbrain (mesencephalon)[edit | edit source]

Forebrain (prosencephalon)[edit | edit source]

Diencephalon[edit | edit source]

Epithalamus[edit | edit source]

Third ventricle[edit | edit source]

Thalamus[edit | edit source]

Hypothalamus (limbic system) (HPA axis)[edit | edit source]

Subthalamus(HPA axis)[edit | edit source]

Pituitary gland (HPA axis)[edit | edit source]

Telencephalon (cerebrum) Cerebral hemispheres[edit | edit source]

Red:Frontal lobe

red:frontal lobe
orange:parietal lobe
yellow:occipital lobe
green: temporal lobe

White matter[edit | edit source]

Subcortical[edit | edit source]

Rhinencephalon (paleopallium)[edit | edit source]

Cerebral cortex (neopallium)[edit | edit source]

Neural pathways[edit | edit source]

Motor systems[edit | edit source]

Nerves[edit | edit source]

Neuroendocrine systems[edit | edit source]

Vascular systems[edit | edit source]

Dural meningeal system[edit | edit source]

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