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This is a list of notable figures who have been involved in the history of psychiatry. See also list of psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists Speciality
Alfred Adler Individual psychology
Nancy C. Andreasen Schizophrenia
Vittorino Andreoli Psychiatric anthropology
Franco Basaglia Antipsychiatry
Jack Barchas Biological basis of schizophrenia
Aaron Beck Cognitive therapy
Wilfred Bion Psychoanalysis and group therapy
Eugene Bleuler Diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia
John Bowlby Attachment behavior
Ian Brockington Nosological pioneer
John Cade Lithium therapy
Ugo Cerletti Electroconvulsive therapy
Edmund Chiu Huntington's chorea
Tim Crow Biological basis of schizophrenia
Pierre Deniker Chlorpromazine
Leon Eisenberg Psychiatric anthropology
Milton Erickson Hypnosis
Jean Etienne Esquirol Descriptive psychopathology, postnatal depression
Frantz Fanon Effects of discrimination
Daniel X. Freedman Biological psychiatry
Christopher Paul Lindsay Freeman Electroconvulsive therapy
Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis
William Glasser Reality therapy, Choice theory
Max Hamilton Depression and anxiety scales
Albert Hofmann Father of LSD
Pyotr Gannushkin Classification of personality disorders
Kevin Gournay Schizophrenia, Depression and Cognitive Therapy
Karen Horney Womb envy
Pierre Janet Dissociation
Karl Jaspers Phenomenology
Eve Johnstone Brain changes in schizophrenia
Maxwell Jones Therapeutic community
Carl Gustav Jung Analytical psychology
Seymour Kety Psychiatric genetics
Eric R. Kandel Molecular basis for memory
Leo Kanner Autism
Jacob Kasanin Schizoaffective psychosis
Otto Kernberg Psychoanalysis
Melanie Klein Child psychology
Arthur Kleinman Psychiatric anthropologist
Emil Kraepelin Psychiatric methodology
Richard von Krafft-Ebing Sexuality
Norman Kreitman Psychiatric epidemiology
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Stages of Grief
R. D. Laing Antipsychiatry
Karl Leonhard Classification of Psychosis, cycloid psychosis
Andrey Yevgenyevich Lichko Adolescent psychiatry
Sir Aubrey Lewis Nosology
Alwyn Lishman Neuropsychiatry
Ali ibn Abbas al-Majusi (Haly Abbas) Mental disorders
Abraham Maslow Humanistic Psychology
Niall McLaren Antipsychiatry
Peter McGuffin Psychiatric genetics
Ladislas von Meduna Pharmacoconvulsions
Adolf Meyer Psychobiology
Egas Moniz Psychosurgery
Jacob Moreno Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy
Robin Murray Schizophrenia
John Nemiah Psychotherapy
Ian Oswald Sleep research
Ivan Pavlov Conditioning
Eugene Paykel Social psychiatry
Philippe Pinel Psychiatric treatment
W. H. R. Rivers Psychiatric anthropologist
Martin Roth Psychogeriatrics
Michael Rutter Child psychiatry
Kurt Schneider Diagnostic criteria
Mogens Schou Lithium therapy
Michael Shepherd Psychiatric epidemiology
Peter Sifneos Psychotherapy
Elliot Slater Psychiatric epidemiology
Robert Spitzer Diagnostic criteria
Solomon H.Snyder Neurotransmitters
Harry Stack Sullivan Interpersonal psychiatry
Hans Steiner Child Psychiatry
Thomas Szasz Antipsychiatry
Eng Seong Tan Cross-cultural psychiatry
Fuller Torrey Treatment of schizophrenia
Ming Tsuang Psychiatric genetics
John Batty Tuke Neuroscientist
Julius Wagner-Jauregg Treatment of GPI
Paul Watzlawick Communication theory of mental health
Sula Wolff Stress in children
Irvin Yalom Group and existential psychotherapy
Viktor Frankl Logotherapy and existential psychotherapy
Other researchers (not trained as psychiatrists) Specialty
Michel Foucault Philosophy
Anna Freud Child analysis
Erving Goffman Social psychology
Kay Redfield Jamison


Bipolar affective disorder
Theodore Millon Clinical psychology
Ivan Pavlov Behavioral psychology
Jean Piaget Cognitive development
Carl Rogers Person-centred psychotherapy
Joseph Wolpe Behavior therapy

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