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The following is an incomplete list of lifestyles found in the 21st century. This list uses a definition of lifestyle as any habits of social relations, consumption, dress, and recreation that are important enough to significantly influence the lives of a sector of the population, and hence can be used as a basis of social classification.

These are not well-defined nor mutually exclusive categories; there may be considerable overlap between many of them, and an individual may identify as belonging to, or enjoying the activities associated with, more than one group. Many lifestyles can contain subclasses and subcultures.


Income or profession/occupation based lifestylesEdit

Main article: Profession

Consumption-based lifestylesEdit

Main article: Consumption (economics)

Lifestyles based on social and political issuesEdit

Main article: Social issues

Lifestyle classifications used in marketingEdit

Main article: Marketing

Military lifestylesEdit

Main article: Military

Sexual lifestylesEdit

Main article: Human sexual behavior

Lifestyles based on spiritual or religious preferencesEdit

Main article: Spirituality

Musical subculture lifestylesEdit

Main article: Music

Lifestyles based on recreationEdit

Main article: Recreation
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