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This is a list of people who in childhood (at or before the age of twelve) showed abilities in a specific field comparable to those of a highly skilled adult; hence the term child prodigy.

Math and scienceEdit



Mental calculators Edit

Note: Several mathematicians were mental calculators when they were still children. This sections is for child prodigies largely or primarily known for calculating skills. It should be noted that mental calculators are sometimes more like savants than they are like child prodigies. They have skills that rarely exist in adults and they may not be truly "mature" in mathematical understanding.

Computer science and engineering Edit

Computer scienceEdit

  • Steve Kirsch - Wrote an e-mail program at the age of 12, (witnessed, participated in the birth of the internet), programmed IBM 360 mainframe.
  • Márton Szász - Hungarian computer-genius, who won the Portocom Prize in 1996 for his work in computing at the age of 9 (1996) [22]. His IQ is a reported 197, and currently he is studying at the University of Miskolc. Márton was an actor at the age of 10 in The Family Summer. [23]
  • Steve Wozniak - Started developing complex electronics while still in grade 5. Went on to develop the worlds' first screen and keyboard desktop computer - Apple I.




Biology and psychology Edit

  • Jean Piaget - Published a paper on the albino sparrow at 11, later a psychologist.

The ArtsEdit


Note: This section is mostly limited to child actors or directors who were respected enough to be nominated or win awards against adult competitors, although it also includes a few actors from eras predating film who were deemed theatrical prodigies. This section must be limited in this way because being even an award-winning child actor is not, in itself, prodigious. (See Academy Juvenile Award for why being an award winning child actor does not equate to being competitive with adults.)


  • William Cullen Bryant-Published at ten, had a book of political satire poems at 13.[36]
  • Thomas Chatterton-Composing poems that would make him famous at age 12.[37]
  • H. P. Lovecraft - recited poetry at age 2 and wrote long poems at age 5[38]
  • Mattie Stepanek-Successful writer when he died at 13.[39]
  • Lesya Ukrainka-Wrote at age 9, published by 13[40]
  • Lope de Vega - wrote his first play at the age of 12.[41] Could read Latin at 5 and was translating Latin verse at ten.
  • Henriett Seth-F. - wrote her first poem at the age of 9, and her first poems was published in Lyceum Paletta [42] at the age of 18. Henriett was the winner applicant on XIIth and XIIIth International Alliance For Hungarian Writers at the age of 19, and her work was published by New Face Magazine, by above mentioned institution. [43]
  • Adora Svitak-An American writer born in 1997, Adora published her first book, a collection of short stories, at age 7. Her first novella is a political satire that lampoons conservative politics, including the anti-gay rights moment and President George W. Bush's oil policies. Adora Svitak


See List of music prodigies.

However Symphony No. 1 (Mozart) deserves mention as a noted composition by a child prodigy, namely Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Camille Saint-Saëns might also deserve some mention as he had his first composition before he turned four years old and at four he learned Latin. This is similar to the age that Jeremy Bentham, who is listed here, learned Latin. Examples of autistic musical child prodigies are Thristan Mendoza, a Filipino marimba prodigy.

Visual artsEdit


Academics Edit



Sports/athletics Edit

  • Jean Carlos Chera-10 year old footballer.[65]
  • Fu Mingxia-Became the youngest world champion in diving at age 12.[66][67]
  • Martina Hingis-At 12 she became the youngest juniors champion at a Grand Slam event by winning at Roland Garros.[68]
  • Michelle Wie-At age 12 she became the youngest female to qualify for an LPGA tournament, and at 13 became the youngest person of either sex to win a USGA event for adults. [69][70]
  • Tiger Woods-He first won the Optimist International Junior tournament at age 8[71]

Military Edit


  • Sayed Azam Read and wrote at 2. Admitted to a medical college at 10 years old.

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  • Children Above 180 IQ: Standford-Binet Origin and Development by Leta Stetter Hollingworth: ISBN 0405064675
  • Child Prodigies and Exceptional Early Achievers by John Radford: ISBN 0029256356

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