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  • An ISBN identifies a specific edition of a book, and any given title may therefore have a number of different ISBNs. See xISBN below for finding other editions.
  • An ISBN registration, even one corresponding to a book page on a major book distributor database is not definite proof that such a book actually exists. A title may have been cancelled or postponed after the ISBN was assigned. Both ISBN and other registration have been abused in attempted hoaxes on Wikipedia in the past.
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  • Find this book in the Norwegian Bibsys system, that comprises all Norwegian university libraries, the National Library, all college libraries, and a number of research libraries
  • Find this book in the Norwegian union catalogue of monographs (Sambok)

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  • Find this book on the Copac union catalogue (Includes British Library and many Universities).

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Find your book on a site that compiles results from other online sites:


General search engine sites also offer a way to search for books:

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These sites allow you to search the catalogs of many individual booksellers.

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Note: Searching on title can retrieve economic (unabridged) editions which may be 5-15 times cheaper, but are printed on a different type of paper and mostly contain black and white illustrations. Economic editions have a different ISBN. Also, they can be sold in and exported to a restricted set of countries.

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Lists of book sources focused on other languages Edit

ISBN Wikipedia
2 French
3 German
4 Japanese
7 [PRC]
957/986 [ROC (Taiwan)]
962/988 [Hong Kong]
99937 [Macau]
80 Czech
83 Polish
84 [Spain]
950 [Argentina]
968/970 [Mexico]
86 Serbian
87 Danish
88 Italian
90 Dutch
91 Swedish
936 Hungarian
964 [Iran] Persian

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  • Related ISBNs from xISBN. This service will look up ISBNs for different editions of the same book, hardback or paperback, first print or a reprint, even re-editions where the title has changed.

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  • Errata at WikiBooks. This fledgling wiki resource will list perceived errors in a publication according to ISBN or PMID.


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