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Lewis R. Goldberg is an American personality psychologist and a professor emeritus at the University of Oregon. Among his other accomplishments, Goldberg is closely associated with the Big Five taxonomy of personality. He has published well over 100 research articles and has been active on editorial boards.

He has developed a taxonomy of all of the descriptive personality terms in the English language, with the aim of comparing these structures across different languages.

He has also developed alternative measures of the constructs used in a variety of personality inventories. These measures are now available in the public domain at :


  • 1949-1953 Harvard University: A.B. in Social Relations
  • 1953-1958 University of Michigan: Ph.D. in Psychology

Professional history[]

1958-1960 Acting Assistant Professor, Stanford University

1960-present Assistant Professor to Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon

1961-Present Research Scientist to Senior Scientist, Oregon Research Institute

1962-1966 U. S. Peace Corps: Field Selection Officer

1966-1967 Fulbright Professor, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands

1970-1971 Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley

1973-1977 Personality and Cognition Research Review Committee: National Institute of Mental Health

1974-1975 Fulbright Professor, Istanbul University, Turkey

1979-1980 Graduate Record Examination Board Research Committee

1980-1986 Intelligence Division: U. S. Secret Service

1981-1982 Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study

1984-1988 Cognition, Emotion, and Personality Research Review Committee: National Institute of Mental Health


His interests include:personality assessment personality measurement, personality structure


Goldberg, L. R. (2010). Personality, demographics, and self-reported behavioral acts: The development of avocational interest scales from estimates of the amount of time spent in interest-related activities. In C.R. Agnew, D.E. Carlston, W.G. Graziano, & J.R. Kelly, (Eds.), Then a miracle occurs: Focusing on behavior in social psychological theory and research (pp 205-226). New York: Oxford University Press. Goldberg, L.R. (2009). How to win a career achievement award in five easy lessons. Journal of Personality Assessment, 91, 506-517.

Grucza, R. A., & Goldberg, L. R. (2007). The comparative validity of 11 modern personality inventories: Predictions of behavioral acts, informant reports, and clinical indicators. Journal of Personality Assessment, 89, 167-187. Roberts, B. W., Kuncel, N. R., Shiner, R., Caspi, A., & Goldberg, L. R. (2007). The power of personality: The comparative validity of personality traits, socioeconomic status, and cognitive ability for predicting important life outcomes. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 2, 313-345.

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