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This is the list copied from Wikipedia Category:Statistics. It will benefit from further pruning. From this you can see what is already included and what might need copying. It will then need enbedding in the other sections and turning into courses, including in the glossary etc...

It is important to distinguish what actually needs to be copied over, i.e. what statistics topics are important in the study of psychology. Other statistics topics that are not directly related to psychology should be linked to externally, remember, this is a psychology wiki - not a statistics wiki.

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ACS Statistician of the Year ANCOVA APBRmetrics Absolute deviation Accuracy and precision Accuracy paradox Akaike information criterion Algorithms for calculating variance Alignments of random points Allan variance American Statistical Association Analysis of categorical data Analysis of variance Analytics Ancestral graph Ancillary statistic Applied statistics Arithmetic mean Association (statistics) Autocorrelation Autocovariance Autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity Autoregressive integrated moving average Autoregressive moving average model Average


Bayes factor Bayesian inference Bayesian search theory Behrens-Fisher problem Benford's law Berkson's paradox Berry–Esséen theorem Bhattacharya coefficient Bias (statistics) Bimodal distribution Binary classification Binomial proportion confidence interval Biostatistics Blind signal separation Blocking (statistics) Box plot Box-Cox transformation Box-Jenkins Bunching parameter


Calibration (statistics) Canonical correlation Central tendency Chauvenet's criterion Checking if a coin is fair Circular statistics Climate ensemble Cochran's theorem Coefficient of determination Coefficient of variation Cohen's kappa Coherence (statistics) Cohort (statistics) Common cause and special cause Completeness (statistics) Compositional data Confidence interval Contingency table Copula (statistics) Correlation Correlation function Correlation ratio Covariance Covariance and correlation Covariance matrix Covariate Cp index Cramér-Rao inequality Credible interval Cromwell's rule Cross covariance Cross-correlation Cross-sectional data Cross-validation Cumulant


Data analysis Data clustering Data dredging Data mining Data point Data set Delta method Deming regression Descriptive statistics Design matrix Detection theory Deviance information criterion Dickey-Fuller test Differential entropy Dimensionality reduction Disattenuation Discriminant analysis (in marketing) Diversification Dutch book


Early European population statistics and censuses Ecological correlation Ecological fallacy Economic data Eddy covariance Efficiency (statistics) Empirical Bayes method Empirical distribution function Empirical orthogonal functions Erdős-Bacon number Ergodic theory Errors and residuals in statistics Errors-in-variables model Estimation of covariance matrices Estimation theory Expectation-maximization algorithm Explained sum of squares Explanatory variable Explorative data analysis Exploratory data analysis Extrapolation Extreme value theory


F-test FWL theorem Factor analysis False negative False positive Fano factor FastICA Fisher information Fisher transformation Fisher's exact test Five-number summary Fluctuation theorem Frequency distribution Friedman test Fst Function approximation Functional data analysis


Gambler's fallacy Gambler's ruin Gauss–Markov theorem Generalized additive model Generalized canonical correlation Generalized linear model Generalized method of moments Goodness of fit Graphical model Green-Kubo relations Guttman scale


Halton sequences Heaps' law Helmert-Wolf blocking Heteroskedasticity Hidden Markov model Hirsch number Histogram Homogeneity Homoscedasticity


IBOPE Idealised population Imputation (statistics) Independent component analysis Index of dissimilarity Index of diversity Inductive inference Inferential statistics Information entropy Institute of Statisticians Instrumental variable Interaction (statistics) Interclass dependence Interquartile range Interval estimation


Jaccard index Jarque-Bera test Jeffreys prior Jensen-Shannon divergence Journal of Statistical Software


K-means algorithm Kaplan-Meier estimator Kendall-tao Kolmogorov-Smirnov test Kriging Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance