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Psychoanalytic theory

Id, ego, and super-ego
Psychoanalytic interpretation
Psychoanalytic personality factors
Psychosexual development
Psychosocial development

Schools of thought

Freudian Psychoanalytic School
Analytical psychology
Ego psychology
Self psychologyLacanian
Neo-Freudian school
Neopsychoanalytic School
Object relations
The Independent Group
AttachmentEgo psychology


Sigmund FreudCarl Jung
Alfred AdlerAnna Freud
Karen HorneyJacques Lacan
Ronald FairbairnMelanie Klein
Harry Stack Sullivan
Erik EriksonNancy Chodorow

Important works

The Interpretation of Dreams
Four Fundamental Concepts
Beyond the Pleasure Principle


History of psychoanalysis
Psychoanalytic training

Horacio Etchegoyan or R-Horacio Etchegoyen is an Argentine psychoanalyst who studied to the Colegio Nacional de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata. During his university studies of medicine in the 1940s, he militated in a movement of the University reformation. He was analyzed by Heinrich Racker then later by Donald Meltzer and began his psychoanalytic formation in Argentina with Enrique Pichon Rivière, Marie Langer, León Grinberg and José Bleger.


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