This paper was published by Gregg Henriques in 2003. The main article describing the theory is at The Tree of Knowledge System. This article is for discussion of the published paper.


The Tree of Knowledge System and the Theoretical Unification of Psychology

Gregg Henriques University of Pennsylvania

The outline for theoretically unified psychology is offered. A new epistemological system is used to provide a unique vantage point to examine how psychological science exists in relationship to the other sciences. This new view suggests that psychology can be thought of as existing between the central insights of B. F. Skinner and Sigmund Freud. Specifically, Skinner’s fundamental insight is merged with cognitive neuroscience to understand how mind emerges out of life. This conception is then joined with Freud’s fundamental insight to understand the evolutionary changes in mind that gave rise to human culture. By linking life to mind from the bottom and mind to culture from the top, psychology is effectively boxed in between biology and the social sciences.


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