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Helene Deutsch (née Rosenbach) (October 9, 1884 – March 29, 1982) was an Austrian-American psychoanalyst and colleague of Sigmund Freud. She was the first psychoanalyst to specialize in women.

Born in Przemyśl, Deutsch studied medicine and psychiatry in Vienna and Munich, before she became a pupil of Freud. As his assistant she was the first woman to concern herself with the psychology of women. In 1912 she married Dr Felix Deutsch, and after a number of miscarriages they eventually conceived a son, Martin. In 1935 she fled Germany, immigrating to Cambridge in the United States. Her husband and son joined her a year later, and she worked there as a well-regarded psychoanalyst up until her death in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1982.

Published works[]

  • Psychoanalysis of the Sexual Functions of Women 1925, translated to English in 1991, ISBN 0-946439-95-8
  • The Psychology of Women, 1944 - 1945
  • Neuroses and Character Types, 1965, ISBN 0-8236-3560-0
  • Selected Problems of Adolescence, 1967
  • A Psychoanalytic Study of the Myth of Dionysus and Apollo, 1969, ISBN 0-8236-4975-X
  • Confrontations with Myself, 1973
  • The Therapeutic Process, the Self, and Female Psychology, 1992, ISBN 0-88738-429-3

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