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Gardner Murphy(1895-1979) was an influential American social psychologist.He worked for many years at Columbia University.

His friends included Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, Erik Erikson, Lawrence Frank, Helen and Robert Lynd, and Ruth Munroe.

Psychical research[]

When Hodgson Fellow in Psychical Research at Harvard (1922-25), he started the first telepathic experiments through wireless in Chicago and Newark. he presented his results at a symposium at Clark University in a paper entitled Telepathy as an Experimental Problem. He reported that the vast majority of results could be explained by coincidences, but that marked exceptions remained unexplained.

The American Society for Psychical Research named the Gardner Murphy Prize, in his honour

He married Lois Barclay Murphy and they wrote 16 books together

Preceded by:
John E. Anderson
Gardner Murphy elected APA President
Succeeded by:
Edwin R. Guthrie

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Book Chapters[]


Gardner Murphy. "[Review of] Charles A. Ellwood. Methods in Sociology: A Critical Study." The Journal of Social Psychology 5, (1934): 261-266.Full text

Further reading[]

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