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Friedland Hart Klix (born 13 October 1927 in Friedersdorf; died September 22, 2004 in Berlin) was a German psychologist. He was a leading German theorist of

Klix lived through decades of an interdisciplinary and international research-oriented manner, his team included alongside psychologists, for example, mathematicians, engineers, physicists, biologists and philosophers. 38 Professoren sind aus dieser Forschungsgruppe hervorgegangen. 38 professors are from this research group emerged.

In the groundbreaking book "Information and behavior" (1971), he used cybernetic, information, and game models (VIENNA, SHANNON, NEUMANN, SHARKOV, but also novel approaches own) to mental processes like concept formation and memory to describe. Klix authored 6 books, over 200 articles and was involved in another 30 books as a co-editor. He followed Gottschaldt as editor of the Journal of Psychology on the end of East Germany also. The question of how to begin to develop thinking and the historical paradigms (How are changing the world in human history?) Went very early (1980, "a reawakening of thinking"), published after his retirement on this issue.

His visionary ideas for many researchers are similarly important as his scientific bridges of East to West German land.

International Congress of Psychology in 1980 in Leipzig involved and prevented an ideological collecting this event widely. As president of the International Society for Psychology (1980-1984), he made the admission of the company as a member of the Association of all international scientific societies.

The price for reaching the international orientation and the success was that it is strategically in the management of the Institute selectively to the general, especially experimental psychology and has concentrated "ideologienähere" application areas such as the Clinical Psychology less well developed. This was mainly through the distribution of resources controlled. He saw a danger that the applied disciplines of a company's criticism of the real existing socialism could be practiced, then the restrictions on political psychology for the whole - including its activities - would have led. It can be from today's difficult to evaluate whether this approach is to have an alternative for this. Finally, the application areas of the successes and benefits were content internationally. This approach has only been receptive or through specialist contacts lived on a private level.


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