what do you think about the interview of Steven Pinker by Robert Wright(you can listen to it in the link below the page "evolotionary psychology here in wikipedia)?

at first he seemd to me very intellinget, and everything seemed interesting. then, when they started talking about morality, I totally disagreed with his thesis.

we do tend to some preexisting moral truth?? oh come on, and what about the animal, then? we are the only one who tend toward this perfect morality? and what about all the people who doesn't seem to have any morality??

I think that our morality has been shaped by evolution, yes, and evidently it is more fitting then a lot of the other infinite possible morality, but it has been shaped by the environment, in a different environment, morality would have been completly different. or may be hypotehtically letting start the human race in this same earth for a million time, each time we would wind up with a different, even if sometimes only slightly different morality.

so, in the end, we DO NOT tend to some "true preexisting good morality".

I'm eager to ear your thought about it.

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