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Archive of old discussion page16:49, January 10, 2012178.16.22.47
University links13:01, December 22, 2010AWeidman
Switching to the new parser14:04, February 11, 2009Sannse
Report a problem23:36, September 21, 2007Sannse
Removing enWP template.07:02, April 28, 2007Robin Patterson
Page names with colons - traps15:59, April 27, 2007Dr Joe Kiff
Polling12:21, September 11, 2006Lifeartist
List of country university categories18:55, September 3, 2006Jaywin
Comparative psychology & Biological Psychology05:23, August 30, 2006Jaywin
Copy of email sent to Gil00:32, August 24, 2006Lifeartist
New welcome template for IP number people21:28, August 23, 2006Jaywin
Social processes:Main category or sub-category?23:55, August 20, 2006Lifeartist
Agenda for Fri meet00:09, August 18, 2006Lifeartist
Meeting with Lifeartist & Mostly Zen22:09, July 29, 2006Mostly Zen
Just use this forum for Admin tasks/news21:42, July 25, 2006Mostly Zen
Psychology Wiki:Guide to layout21:10, July 25, 2006Mostly Zen
Managing the placement of interlanguage links10:30, July 17, 2006Lifeartist
IRC support00:10, July 11, 2006Splarka
Creating new forums is easy19:34, July 3, 2006Lifeartist
This is a test of the Admin discussion forum04:12, July 3, 2006Splarka
Added further book sources04:07, July 3, 2006Splarka
Added to book suorces04:07, July 3, 2006Splarka
Updated book sources list04:07, July 3, 2006Splarka
On the subject of vandalism04:07, July 3, 2006Splarka
Update book sources list04:07, July 3, 2006Splarka
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