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The 6 MAJOR TasksEdit

These are the 6 Major tasks we need to do to make the Psychology Wiki a success:

  1. Improving Articles
  2. Featured Articles
  3. Copying Articles
  4. Improving Structure
  5. Creating New Articles
  6. Attracting New Contributors
  • Each of these major tasks has its own DISCUSSION PAGE. I suggest we keep the discussions on those discussion pages instead of on this forum. This forum is really just to make you aware of these tasks
  • To ADD to the lists of things to do, or inform other users that a Task has been Done please see:


  • For guidance on how we are carrying out these 6 Major tasks, go to the: Tasks To Do Portal.

If you have any further ideas, which are not covered by any of the above tasks, please discuss them here:

Mostly Zen Baby tao (talk) 16:57, 23 July 2006 (UTC)

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