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Welcome to all IUPsyS members and delegates to the General Assembly Meeting .

Do try and visit The Psychology Wiki at

We are one of the major sources of psychology information on the internet with over 8500 pages which has been accessed by more than 14000 people.

This is a new kind of site which can be edited from anywhere in the world. We hope to attract contributions from experts in all fields of psychology so that over time we produce current academic quality reviews of all areas of psychology, all fully referenced and with all references linked to full text copies of the papers.

As an academic and professional community we can then build a resource for all those in the field.

The software allows for translations of all pages to be incorporated into the database, in most of the main languages of the world. We hope this feature will interest you and your colleagues so that we can move towards developing a truly international picture of our discipline. (Look at the help and orientation pages off of the above link for details)

What can I do? There are a number of things you can do to help this project.

· Go to the World psychology section and fill in details about psychology in your country. · Familiarise yourselves with the Interlanguage facility and explore its usefulness to you. · Enjoy the site and publicise it as widely as possible. · Remember we have only been going for 4 months and we welcome all contributors who can improve the quality of our information – come and join us.

Please note: the software and server facilities for the site are provided on an advertising financial model by technical staff at Wikia. Neither the Psychology Wiki founder nor contributors have a financial interest in the site, this arrangement safeguards our editorial, academic and professional independence.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.