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Feminization may refer to:

  • Feminization (biology), the hormonally induced development of female sexual characteristics
  • Feminization (activity), a sexual or lifestyle practice where a person assumes a female role
  • Feminization (sociology), a perceived societal shift of gender roles toward the characteristically "female"
  • Feminization of agriculture, the measurable increase of women's participation in agriculture
  • Feminization of the face, a set of reconstructive surgical procedures that alter typically male facial features to bring them closer in shape and size to typical female facial features
  • Feminization of language, the process of making a word or name female
  • Feminization of migration, a trend where a higher rate of women migrate to labor or marriage
  • Feminization of poverty, a phenomenon in which women represent disproportionate percentages of the world's poor
  • Feminization of voice, the desired goal of changing a perceived male sounding voice to a perceived female sounding voice
  • Feminisation of the workplace, the trend towards greater employment of women, and of men willing and able to operate with these more 'feminine' modes of interaction

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