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Emetophobia is the irrational fear of vomiting or of being around others who are vomiting. It is one of the specific phobias and the fifth most common phobia according to the International Emetophobia Society. Aswell as the actual phobia there are many other disorders and phobias that suffers can get, such as IBS and Agoraphobia which can lead to panic attacks and anxiety and even depression.

People with the phobia tend to avoid eating out, socialising and going to parties. They may hardly eat at all and thats why many are often diagnosed as anorexic and not bulimic as this illness envolves the induction of vomiting. Emetophobes will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid being or seeing someone being sick. Some emetophobics have the distinct ability to actually prevent themselves from vomiting, this is called 'vomit continence'. They are able to fight the feeling of nausea before the feeling eventually resides.

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