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Dear Colleague,

I am writing to you as a representative member of IUPsyS to announce the international phase of the Psychology Wiki.

This is a collaborative editable database of psychological knowledge. It currently has over 5350 pages and we are working on over 3600 articles in all areas of psychology. While it is presently in English there is the opportunity to translate the material on to parallel sites in other languages. Much of the material is already available in the following languages (Spanish Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Danish and Swedish) Now that the basic structure of the database is settling down it is a good time for the translation of the structural links to go ahead and for the translated material to be drawn together by native speakers. I think this is best coordinated at a national level and I am appealing to you to take this issue to your National Psychology Associations. Further information is available here.

Please contact me by email in the first instance if you would like to discuss this issue further.

Yours sincerely

Dr Joe Kiff, BA, MSc, PhD, AfBPS Consultant Clinical Psychologist British Psychological Society Membership number 31068.

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