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Dear Colleague

I am writing to you in your capacity as a Faculty & SIG chair to tell you about The Psychology Wiki

This is based on the software used by Wikipedia which means that all psychologists can edit and contribute to it.

We are looking to work towards developing a site that gives a complete up to date account of all areas of psychology so that each area is reviewed and all the main references are documented and linked to fulltext where possible.We currently have almost 6000 pages and are working on almost 4000 articles

You can find your specialist area off this page:

and we feel members of you SIG might be interested in contributing.

In the first place to add academic material in the area to complement courses to which they contribute. Secondly they can archive their lecture notes , slides, lecture handouts etc so others may share them. Thirdly there are places to archive clinical materials, client handouts, clinical protocols etc again so we can share them. One of our aims is to prevent the need of others to reinvent the wheel, and to help people developing psychology in other areas of the world to access materials they can use.

It would also be useful if senior members of the SIG gave some thought as to how to organise the area so that every significant aspect of practice and research is included.

Please have a look at the site and publicise as widely as you can. It is still in its early days and any help you can give would be most valuable.

The orientation section and help sections and the community portal are all available off the Main Page link above and will get you started in your explorations.

Remember this is a collaborative project for both academic and practioner members of our scholarly community and the potential usefulness of the site depends on us all contributing.

Please feel free to contact me if you require more information

Dr J A Kiff, B.A., MSc, PhD, AfBPS Consultant Clinical Psychologist British Psychological Society Membership No 31068

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