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(From the website) Presenting research that bears on important conceptual issues in developmental psychology, Developmental Review: Perspectives in Behavior and Cognition, provides child and developmental, child clinical, and educational psychologists with authoritative articles that reflect current thinking and cover significant scientific developments. The journal emphasizes human developmental processes and gives particular attention to issues relevant to child developmental psychology. The research concerns issues with important implications for the fields of pediatrics, psychiatry, and education, and increases the understanding of socialization processes.
Features include:
• Analyses of method and design
• Analyses of social policy as it affects human development
• Essays on major books
• Historical analyses
• Integrated collections of papers on a single theme
• Provocative empirical findings of particular importance for developmental theory
• Reviews of the literature
• Summaries of programmatic research
• Theoretical statements

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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 29 (2009)Edit

Volume 28 (2008)Edit

  • Steinberg, L. (2008). A social neuroscience perspective on adolescent risk-taking. Developmental Review, 28, 78-106. Full text

Volume 27 (2007)Edit

Volume 26 (2006)Edit

  • Geary, D. C. (2006). Evolutionary developmental psychology: Current status and future directions. Developmental Review, 26, 113-119. Full text
  • Maestripieri, D. & Roney, J.R. (2006). Evolutionary developmental psychology: Contributions from comparative research with nonhuman primates. Developmental Review, 26, 120-137. Full text

Volume 25 (2005)Edit

Volume 24 (2004)Edit

Volume 23 (2003)Edit

  • Geary, D. C., Byrd-Craven, J., Hoard, M. K., Vigil, J., & Numtee, C. (2003). Evolution and development of boys’ social behavior. Developmental Review, 23, 444-470. Full text

Volume 22 (2002)Edit

Volume 21 (2001)Edit

Volume 20 (2000)Edit

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