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David R. Krathwohl, currently the Hannah Hammond Professor of Education Emeritus at Syracuse University, has made notable contributions to the field of educational psychology. While studying with Benjamin Bloom, he co-authored the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, known as Bloom's taxonomy. He is a past president of the American Educational Research Association.

Publications[edit | edit source]

Anderson, L. W., & Krathwohl, D. R. (eds.) (2001). A taxonomy for learning, teaching, and assessing: A revision of Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives. New York: Longman.

Bloom, B., Englehart, M. Furst, E., Hill, W., & Krathwohl, D. (1956). Taxonomy of educational objectives: The classification of educational goals. Handbook I: Cognitive domain. New York, Toronto: Longmans, Green.

Preceded by:
John Goodlad
President of the

American Educational Research Association

Succeeded by:
Roald Campbell
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