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Born in Bradford is a large birth cohort study based at Bradford Royal Infirmary, a hospital in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. It was set up with the help of European funding in 2005 and aims to recruit all (c.10,000) babies born in the city between Autumn 2006 and early 2008.

Background Edit

The study hopes to establish the causes of some of Bradford's public health problems, including the relatively high infant mortality rate and low birth weight recorded in the city. Funding for the project comes from a number of sources including research grants and charitable donations. Institutions participating in the project include the University of Bradford, the University of Leeds and the National Health Service.

Participating mothers will be recruited in early pregnancy and they and their child will be followed for up to 20 years. Health will form the early focus, to be supplemented by social, educational and economic factors as the participants grow older.

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