Here is a list of modules taught on the Birmingham Clinical Psychology course.

We have linked each session of these modules to material on the Psychology Wiki in a order to provide information to support your studies.

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Therapeutic Issues/Skills

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Adult mental health

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Research methods

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Personal and professional isssues

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Children, young people & families

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Older adults

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Learning disabilities

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Psychological models and formulation

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Health psychology

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Neuropsychology

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Forensic

Birmingham:Clinical:Curriculum: Addictions

Birm&Cov: Third year workshops

As we have only been going less than a year some of the areas are sketchy, and most would benefit by being upgraded to a high academic standard. You can help build this project by adding material, references etc as you feel is appropriate.

Assessment | Biopsychology | Comparative | Cognitive | Developmental | Language | Individual differences | Personality | Philosophy | Social |
Methods | Statistics | Clinical | Educational | Industrial | Professional items | World psychology |

Clinical: Approaches · Group therapy · Techniques · Types of problem · Areas of specialism · Taxonomies · Therapeutic issues · Modes of delivery · Model translation project · Personal experiences ·

The Birmingham course is the first to link to the wiki. The other Midland courses will follow and it is hoped that this will roll out nationally and internationally as time goes by. So you will not only be helping yourselves but others as you help improve the articles.

To find out more about the site go to the main page see the orientation and help pages and the Community_portal to get you started.

It would be particularly helpful if you uploaded your academic work where you feel it is good enough to complement existing pages or to start new areas. Remember that others will edit your work further and try to build on it, so it doesnt have to be the final word in the field.

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