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There have been a number of biographical dictionaries of psychologists published over the years:

  • Sheehy,Noel Chapman, Anthony J. (Ed), Conroy, Wendy (Ed)(2002). Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. Routledge. ISBN 0415099978

This Dictionary provides biographical and bibliographical information on psychologists (from Norman Abeles to Thomas d'Zurilla) from all over the world from 1850 to the present day. All branches of psychology and its related disciplines are featured.

  • Zusne, L. (1984). Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

His early collection of biographical studies included some 500 psychologist, covering the period 1600-1982, who were voted as being influential in the development of the discipline by a panel of judges.He first published this in 1975, basing it on a list generated by E.L. Annin, E.G. Boring and R.I. Watson in 1968[citation needed]. They reported on the evaluations made by 9 eminent psychologists who rated possible candidates on a three point scale. With a possible score of 27 Zusne selected those with a cutoff score of 11 or more for inclusion in the initial work. He the produced a second edition in 1984 in which he added a further 101 names

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  • James,Stuart (1999) Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. Reference Reviews, 13,1,10-11 ISBN 0 415 09997 8